Balhoff Et Al. 2019- J. Biomed. Semantics

Kramer is a Professor in Psychology and Neuroscience, the Director of the Biomedical Imaging Center and Co-Director. the separate and interactive effects of lifestyle factors. Karp et al. 29.

While Gottlieb et al. 15 used SEs as one of the sources to build predictive. We may consider to measure semantic similarity between SE terms, remove redundant SE terms, and build more robust SE.

The Phenoscape project ( has developed semantic annotation tools and a gene–phenotype knowledgebase, the Phenoscape KB, that uses machine reasoning to connect evolutionary.

The covariates were the same as those used in the psychological cross-sectional analyses, except that in imaging analyses, the total intracranial volume calculated using voxel-based morphometry (for.

We show how different design patterns based on the MPATH and MA ontologies provide orthogonal axes of analysis, and perform differently in over-representation and semantic similarity. Strains AKR/J.

Burke, J. F. et al. Human intracranial high-frequency activity maps episodic memory formation in space and time. Neuroimage 85, 834–843 (2014).

His cognitive and clinical neuroscience research encompasses programmes on semantic cognition and its disorders, the nature and neural bases of language and its disorders, and development of new.

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To verify this hypothesis, we referred to Royet et al. 18, who examined the effect of attending (versus not attending) to odor pleasantness, and reported the involvement of orbitofrontal cortex,

Informed consent related to donation of blood specimens to be processed for extraction of de-identified DNA samples to be used for population genomics analyses was obtained from all participants.

Another good source of language metrics is the keyboard-entered text on a mobile phone or tablet. As such, the syntactic and semantic analysis of spoken or written language can reveal early signs of.

The Open Biomedical Ontologies (OBO) consortium is pursuing a strategy to overcome this problem. Existing OBO ontologies, including the Gene Ontology, are undergoing coordinated reform, and new.

For example, Gonzalez-Pinto et al. 1 found that approximately one-third of bipolar patients were diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders, particularly in youths with short medical.

However, the format does not ensure semantic consistency, motivating the need for additional. Parikh, R. B., Schwartz, J. S. & Navathe, A. S. Beyond genes and molecules – a precision delivery.

Second, Groß et al. used middle (2007) of the duration they analyzed (2003. In summary, the ongoing discussion regarding reproducibility in biomedical research is justifiably focused on appropriate.

Indications were grouped by high-level UMLS ‘Semantic Types,’ which provide insight into broad categories of disease. (a) Overlap of approved drugs between semantic types are shown as number of shared.

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (TBME) 63(7), 1455–1462 (2016). Zhang, X., Zhou, F., Lin, Y. & Zhang, S. Embedding label structures for fine-grained feature representation. arXiv preprint.

These nomenclatures provide naming conventions that are the most used by the biomedical community in literature. such as the one between COI1 and SGT1 (only hypothesized in Meldau, et al. 70, yet.

We present an analytical study of the quality of metadata about samples used in biomedical experiments. This metric is agnostic to the semantics of terms, so using edit distance as a basis for.