How Predatory Journals Leak Into Pubmed

Some make no effort to conceal that they merely cut and paste your name into the slot of a form letter. Here are some examples I have received. “Greetings from the [PREDATORY] Journal!!!” or “Hope you.

Starting August 2017, researchers looking up journals indexed in MEDLINE (which is accessed via PubMed) could no longer find new articles published by Oncotarget, once included on the now-defunct list.

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Yesterday a new scientific journal appeared on PubMed, the standard index of the biomedical literature. To learn more I decided to look into who Kenneth Blum is. He has a Wikipedia page, which says.

So I am surprised to learn that Oncotarget was listed as a “predatory” journal. Also, Clarivate has apparently not released information about why it delisted Oncotarget, which seems very unfair.

If a direct link isn’t provided, the first step is to identify the journal the article was published in, and the publication date. News articles typically report this information a few paragraphs into.

For as much as ₹20,000, any “researcher” can become a published author in predatory journals. Pravin Bolshete, a medical researcher from Mumbai, decided to delve into the world of “predatory journals”.

Such roles have usually been assigned to established experts in the journal’s field, and are considered prestigious positions. Many predatory journals hoping. not to trick journals into accepting.

I was about 2 years into my assistant professorship. the email from a newly launched journal inviting me to publish with them, I saw a lifeline. That’s when my troubles started. I had heard about.

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(The scientific journal wasn’t invented until later. PubPeer also attempts to preserve bling peer review by not publishing reviewer names. PubMed Commons is the platform built into PubMed for using.

We’ve categorised the advice below with some of these challenges in mind: Don’t rush into. right journals Do your best to get published in a journal that’s right for your research. Don’t succumb to.

It was included on a controversial — now-defunct — list of potential predatory publishers, compiled by librarian Jeffrey Beall. According to PMC’s policy on editorial and scientific standards: NLM’s.

The overlap was 35 publishers, meaning that one in five of Beall’s "predatory" publishers had managed to get at least one of their journals into the DOAJ. I further whittled the list by striking off.

Most academics regard predatory. journals. There are currently no repercussions for academics who do this. He says the government should introduce rules similar to regulations introduced to detect.

Either case can lead researchers away from journals that might give them the audience and impact they need. Here I outline how to target a truly. send their papers to predatory journals either.

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His message described a troubling encounter with a predatory journal. Earlier that year. and so it seemed like a good opportunity for him to convert the work into a published article. They drafted.

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