Lassification Of Knowledge According To The Ikhwan Al-ṣafa Religious Philosophical

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Their gnostic orientation can be seen in the classification of knowledge proposed by the Ikhwān. The student begins with introductory or preparatory (riyāḍiyy) topics, advances to religious (shar ʿ iyy) sciences, and finally reaches the highest or philosophic (falsafiyy) sciences. This system is at odds with traditional Islamic discussions.


The theme of jinn as representing a spiritual and political entity, approximating although distinct from humans, is pursued in one of the epistles of the celebrated tenth century compilation attributed to the Ikhwan al-Safa’, a philosophical and literary circle of the time. The jinn live in a kingdom ruled by Biwarasp, the just king.

knowledge could be understood as related to three levels of knowledge according to “The-Nine-Field-Model” elaborated by Gustafsson and Andersson (2001a), inspired by Wulff, Pedersen and Rosengren (1990, pp. 40-45) and Aristotle’s virtues of knowledge (Flyvbjerg, 1994). On the scientific level it is a question of ‘theories of’

Ikhwān al-safā' (the Brethren of Purity) are the authors of the Rasā'il. The Encyclopedia of the Ikhwan al-safa' was composed by authors who had a vast knowledge of. (11 rasa'il) include doctrines and religions, way to God, doctrine of Ikhwan, "The Classification of the Sciences according to the rasa'il Ikhwan al -Safa'.

other epistles of the corpus, the Brethren put forward a theory according to which the history of the world is made of a series of cycles of 7,000 years each, and each divided into 7 millennia.

The answer to these questions finds its way onto a continuum of knowledge ranging from rationally-acquired knowledge to transcendental knowledge of the divine Saturday, January 19, 2008 306)The uninterrupted thread of the search for knowledge of all types.

With this last group of philosophical sciences we come to more familiar grounds. of nature, the philosophical sciences and the religious. the limits of human knowledge, the Ikhwan compare.

Dādhurmuz attempts here an amalgamation of philosophical and religious discourses while quoting from several philosophical works available to him. Hence, after close examination, the Arabic Aristotle, Arabic Plato, al-Kindī, Miskawayh and especially the Epistles of.

Again, according to the Ikhwan al-Safa the lower souls cannot extricate themselves from the materialistic world and remain sunk in the sea of this world. It is knowledge, philosophy and wisdom (hikmah) which liberates human soul and accords it higher position in the divine hierarchy.

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trunk is the philosophical sciences and the branchs are the four main disciplines of philosophy, that is, mathematics, logic, physics and metaphysics. By doing so, he stresses the centrality of the philosophical disciplines in all human knowledge.

The terminology of Islamic philosophy did not emerge as a branch of knowledge that is taught in the curriculum of Islamic studies until it was introduced by Shaykh Mustafa ‘Abd al-Razzaaq – the Shaykh of al-Azhar – as a reaction to western attacks on Islam based on the idea that Islam has no philosophy. But the fact of the matter is that philosophy is an alien entity in the body of Islam.


By comparison with modern scholars, Suhrawardi had only a very partial knowledge of Greek philosophy history. The Neoplatonist phase was a virtual blank, and his ideological preference was for the "Ancients" who preceded Aristotle.

According to Aristotle, there are three types of knowledge: 1) Perception of particulars; knowledge given by the senses 2) Experience; memories arrived at by induction based upon experience, e.g. this is a chair and so I can sit on it 3) Scientific; knowledge both of what is the case, and why it is the case When deducing from experiental knowledge, the premises can be true but the conclusions.


Sep 22, 2011  · Studying knowledge is one of those perennial topics—like the nature of matter in the hard sciences—that philosophy has been refining since before the time of Plato. The discipline, epistemology, comes from two Greek words episteme (επιστημη) which means knowledge and logos (λογος.

The Brethren of Purity were a secret society of Muslim philosophers in Basra, Iraq , in the 8th or. Whilst according to Yves Marquet, "It seems indisputable that the Epistles represent the state of Ismaili doctrine at the. The Rasa'il Ikhwan al- Safa' (Epistles of the Brethren of Purity) consist of fifty-two treatises in. Christian.


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The Ikhwân subvert to religious purposes Aristotle's teleological. Muslim tenets, is recognized as the highest attainment of knowledge. In Epistle 27 souls (that are self-subsistent according to the.

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This is what Ibn Maskawayh states and this is precisely what is written in the Epistles of Ikhwan al-Safa. The Muslim thinkers state that ape then evolved into a lower kind of a barbarian man. He then became a superior human being.

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The Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity (Arabic: رسائل إخوان الصفا ) also variously known as. Some philosophers and historians such as Tawhidi, Ibn al- Qifti, Shahrazuri. All these people are according to Henry Corbin, Ismailis. in the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity (The Epistles of Ikhwan al-Safa) as follows:.