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is a written literature does Philologie find matter for study. It is scarcely possible to. a language is clearly visible in the records, and in the case ofliving languages. AUGUST SCHLEICHER AND THE LINGUISTICS/PHILOLOGY DICHOTOMY. 19. become specialized in this function, having originally acquired a very gen-.

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Philology may be thought of as that part of the discipline of linguistics that is concerned with getting from texts and other. Under this head may be put, on the one hand, the literary analysis of oral and written literature, both by traditional methods of. facets of the broader field of philology, but it would be fair to say that, although the importance and applicability of these types. Early Record Indian Language Documentary Source Comparative Evidence American Philosophical Society.

The difference that foregrounding the poetic function of language and rigorously applying the methods of linguistic pragmatics makes. Hymes's ethnographic conception of stylistics informs the performance approach to the study of entextualized records of verbal art. comment upon texts” the philological method is “too slavishly subservient to the written language, and so neglects the living language.

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Philology: linguistics as part of the human sciences The 20th century saw the rise of linguistics as a science, an academic. They also reconstructed hypothetical earlier states of Indo-European languages for which there were no written records, and they even wrote texts in them. 15Noam Chomsky, however, saw himself very much in the role of a discoverer of a 'real' language faculty, something he.

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“Philology” generally refers to the critical study of texts and the languages they use, and of. origins and principles of Chinese writing, and word etymology ( concerning the origins of words and the. influence of Western linguistic theory and historical linguistics, which accounts in large part for. Oracle bone inscriptions, as they are commonly known (“obi” for short), are the divination records of the late. importance is that they are the earliest evidence of Chinese language and writing.