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Sheldon, Raj and Penny are all faced with important-to-them choices on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 19 – and these quandaries provided the set up for the funniest installment of the year. I.

In the universe of The Big Bang Theory, the biggest hot spot isn’t the local bar, the gym, or even Stuart’s comic book store. Lately—especially if you ask Raj—it’s the local planetarium, where he’s.

One of the lead stars of The Big Bang Theory has spoken out about the possible end of the sitcom in a new interview. Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on the show, has said that, though he cannot confirm.

More importantly, why is Raj going to the OBGYN with Howard. all forms of coitus are off the table. This news is a big relief to Sheldon. In fact, he almost kisses Amy as a thank you, but lectures.

It’s like I died and went to the postmortem. Added: October 12, 2015 Age is a state of mind, Leonard. In here, I’m 90. Watch The Big Bang Theory Online: Season 9 Episode 4 The Big Bang Theory Season.

Raj is going on a date on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory! Kunal Nayyar’s super-sweet, super-awkward science guy may finally have met his match in Lucy, the introverted heroine who seemingly saved his.

Tonight, it’s the end of an era for "The Big Bang Theory". The series finale of television’s #1 comedy is Thursday, May 16th. Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj in the show is telling us what it’s been like.

The Big Bang Theory split up Anu and Raj last night which didn’t go down well with the fandom (Picture: CBS) The Big Bang Theory sent Anu off on her way last night as Raj decided to call it quits with.

The Big Bang Theory star Rati Gupta has teased a funny deleted scene between her character Anu and ex-fiance Raj. ‘Hope you all found last night’s galactic episode as satisfying as we did!; she shared.

Will Cupid finally shoot an arrow into the lonely heart of Raj? EW has confirmed that The Big Bang Theory has cast a possible love interest for Kunal Nayyar’s alter-ego. It’s Kate Micucci! As first.

It’s no secret that The Big Bang Theory’s Raj Koothrappali is a hopeless romantic – emphasis on the hopeless. The astrophysicist, try as he might, just hasn’t quite been able to find that one girl to.

Uh, what just happened on tonight’s The Big Bang Theory? It appears Raj and Anu have called off their engagement after three-plus months of dating, but their storyline ended so abruptly that I can’t.

The super megapopular Big Bang Theory returned for its seventh season yesterday. There’s a marginally reasonable narrative explanation for why Howard and Raj are bare-chested and examining one.

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William Shatner has finally had a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory, and now we know how his episode went. A bit later Howard and Raj get the idea to call Wil and have Howard pretend to be.

What will happen to Raj and Anu in The Big Bang Theory finale? (Picture: CBS) With just three episodes to go until the final of The Big Bang Theory, fans have reached peak desperation as we all.

Though many viewers kept tuning in to The Big Bang Theory on a weekly basis, many of the narrative arcs and characterizations grew stale. Based on reactions to a spin-off starring Kevin Sussman as.

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Big Bang Theory may have ended with season 12, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped noticing gaffes and plot holes from the show. And one eagle-eyed fan has noticed another, focusing on Raj.

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Or was he just speaking generally about Raj with any woman? Hopefully Anu is awesome and instantly becomes one of the show’s best new characters. And then Big Bang Theory could give us a Raj and Anu.

The Big Bang Theory ended the. but it worked well here. Raj’s continual third wheel status kept the two date nights uncomfortable in a good way. It was also immensely satisfying to see him deliver.

Raj ended his time on The Big Bang Theory single. A development that occurred after his relationship with Anu shockingly came to an end in the series’ penultimate episode. This development also meant.

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